Though that cross ones mind…

Sometimes having depression makes you feel like the worst person in the world because you just cannot seem to function like a normal person. You cannot drag yourself out of the house to get to work and earn that money you really know you need, you cannot meet your friends because you just want to hide at home in bed, you feel alone despite being in a crowd with friends and family. You can’t even trust yourself to do anything right, because you are afraid you will mess up. BUT still you smile for others, crack jokes, try to entertain your friends or council them when they need it. Then the responses you get when you try to explain that you have depression? “You don’t seem like it?” ‘Must be trying to grab attention right?’ “Who cares? Everyone has a mental problem these days.” When I hear things like that, even from close friends, I feel worse and try to bear with it. But deep down, I hurt. Just like anyone else.

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