A simple walk in the park

So good friends became lovers. Two people who just felt something so right in the most unexpected time of their life. They finally started writing their thought-to-be-impossible “Once upon a time.”

It was in a dawn of 18th of May, when a gal finally casted the stones and let the words fly out her mouth to reach the ears of the girl which went like, “’Will you be my girlfriend?”. The girl’s heartbeat surprisingly joined a race and jumped off and pounded so fast. She giggled and asked the gal to say it once more just to reassure what she heard was accurate even though she already had the answer in her mind which came from her heart days before the happening of that life changing question for both of them. An answer that she prayed and prepared for because of the series of fortunate events they made together in less than a month. Yes! Indeed a yes one. What else could be the answer to expect from a heart who learned and realized that falling in love with someone would take a simple walk in the park.

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