The Past

I have learn to live with you so long but I have to let you Go. I allowed you to take control of me for too long but not anymore. this relationship we shared have to come to an end. PAST it’s time we go separate ways. I know you have been part of my journey, I learned so many lessons and now it’s time I focus on what’s forward. it’s too late for me to change my mind for the decision is already made.

I look up above and the only thing I see is Greatness. in the midst of all the ups and downs of life I see a Warrior and Saviors in me. Life thought it was breaking me but didn’t know it was shaping me to be brave like a lion. I begin to take Charge and Authority over my life. When I look in the mirror I see a champion.

I survived the storms, the struggles, my fears and everything that ever let me down. I pushed through my disappointments and my Pain that led me to Conceive my Destiny. I was hungry enough to want to know more about the word. I realize that the universe will never give you something you can’t handle, there is no Storm that can ever be still and listen to the voice of creator. what amazes me is that I am the masterpiece and nothing can ever stop me from loving me.

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