Goodbye yesterday.

I use to live each day in the history of yesterday. Walking backwards never forward never knowing where I’m going. Walking into people saying sorry never hello. I could only see today when it becomes a yesterday. I never see in front of me, walking backwards everyday. Like a meteor I traveled flying aimlessly like meteors i stopped when i flew into a rock. I exploded, mentally imploded like a dumbass I got mad setting revenge against my past. It didn’t last. Destiny’s what meant to be summarized in history. As if it was a piece of me. the pain of every yesterday can’t define what’s meant to be. My memories are history but never what defines as me, or tell me what I’d ever be. I had to make some hard decisions turning in the right direction. Making choices in an instant. Made them quick no hesitation. Not going to lie that shit was hard. To say good bye to yesterday. I turned around got in the game. Humbled by my stubborn shame. I’m not afraid to work real hard, I was afraid to play my cards. I turned my pain of yesterday into hope and brighter days. My life began to turn around, I start to reach a high ground. I can see in front of me. The obstacles I need to beat. I brace myself, and clinch my fist. I’m going to make life changing risk. Good bye domestic violence. I am leaving in a silence. I am never coming back. I’ve change my course. I’ve changed my track. Good bye fear. Good bye Pain. I’m now here. I’ve changed my lane. Yesterday don’t look for me, I’m nothing like I use to be. Let me be clear I’ve changed my gear. This is my life I’m going to steer. No more chances, no more glances in my sideview mirror. I took responsibility now everything is clearer. Reality, mortality, recognizing finally that I am my own hero. No more second guessing, hesitating, or debating. Stay Progressing, always learning, dont be afraid of turning. Go discover, find a lover, stay hopeful ’til it over. Good Bye Yesterday. For finally I see Today walking forward in from yesterday.

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