As I read a romantic novel

She reads a romance novel, making her 26 years of single life lonely and empty. She reads a lot of romance novels hoping that some day she will get to meet her soulmate in a bizarre way like in the novels. She wants to feel the sparks and the butterflies in her stomach. She wants to feel and touch her love. But, because of her personality no can do. She sighs out of loneliness but also smiles as she thinks, “Good for them, they’ve found each other.” while reading the romance novel.

She wonders, when is it that she will get to fill that void in her heart while staring blankly at the white wall.

She puts down the book on the table and walks to her window. She opens the window and immediately, the strong wind of the nature hits her body, causing goosebumps to arise all over her body as she shivers a little. Her long blonde hair dances along with the wind. She closes her eyes feeling the chilly wind of the night and smiles. She then looks up at the sky, the moon light falling on her silky smooth skin making her shine even more than ever. The thousands of glimmering stars, reflects in her eyes making them look as beautiful as diamonds.

“Love.” she whispers and smiles to herself.

“This can be my love.” she says, looking at the sky and smiling.

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