Music sounds better with you

You’re a perfect rhythm to the melody/ my heart beats/, like R&B when two lovers souls meet/,together/ and I dont care what others say to me your my foundation meaning You’re Solid like my Rock who I Roll with and we been Rockin for awhile now, You’re the only Person I want stroll with, Together we mix like records on a turntable, dancing to our own beat cause we are our own label, so we make our own music that’s infused with, a little country, a gangster rap, as we let our hips hop all the country, laughing, smiling and talkin all that Jazz, yeah we know we’re silly so yall can kiss our mmmm, sensor curse words careful not to detriment the kids, who sing our lyrics that lifts their spirit as the mass grin, if language barriers them from Understanding how we mash then we improvise and add in, a little remix with me singing contemporary Spanish , we never care whose looking as we get our boogie on, as our groove switches to Spanish trap music,/ damn I love how we move with, a trace of elegance similar to sounds of classic mozart it’s like our souls are/, intertwining playing off each other forming in to something deep like some blues brothers. Heavy like 11 tons of metal, I love placing U on A pedestal, Cause I’m that type of gal, did I mention you are the melody I mettle in and I love that we mix like AmPM Drinks but we don’t call it Suicide, knowing it represents you and I and we definitely are not no death metal cause together we have something real that’ll ill hope never dies even when our bodies fade our spirits will dance in the sky I love the sound of music that’s made between You and I

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