A short story. Written by: Me

She never liked to share. As a little kid, she made sure no one touched her toys or ribbons and if she saw anyone with them she’d throw a tantrum. It continued like that till she matured and pursued bigger things, what was hers was hers, no one else’s.
The day she met her, she knew she wanted her for keeps. There was just something about her, it didn’t help that she was dark, tall and devilishly beautiful, witty with a sense of humor. Girls like that were hard to come by , she fell hard for her.
To her, she was just a friend, one she liked to spend time with sometimes, but to her, she was more. She never saw her as anything more, but she knew it wasn’t enough for her, while she lived life oblivious of her infatuation with her, she had already marked her as hers.
Maybe if she had known, things wouldn’t have turned out so bad. She saw her in an eatery holding a girl’s hand, looking at that girl the way she should have looked at her and she almost lost her mind. She sat in her car and stalked them for an hour. Then she followed them to wherever they were going.
She picked the lock, she had learned to do that in boarding school and now it came in handy. She walked into the house, and the thought of what they would be doing sickened her.
They were in the throes of passion so none of them saw her coming. First she knocked the girl out,then she faced her with a knife she had picked from the kitchen. “You’re mine,” she said. Then proceeded to inflict multiple stab wounds on her body, lost in her rage she couldn’t hear her pleas, it was until her eyes turned all white and her blood splashed her on her face, that she realized what she’d done.

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