Lost my self…

ever feel like quiting is the easier option like whats the point in trying so hard and knowing your going to fail I’ve pushed myself to keep it together as i don’t wanna disappoint the people i love but they don’t understand how i feel and they don’t see the person i have became and the person i was before, i feel like i’m living a second life one where i appear happy and altogether and the other i’m the person who will stay in all day cus i’m too afraid to go out there and meet new people and do things but the truth is i’m neither of these people i’m fake and sometimes i feel like do people really see me or do they only see the person they think they know but how can they know me when i don’t even know myself anymore i don’t wanna give up or quit on things but every time i try i give up before giving it a chance. The truth is i’ve lost myself a long time ago…

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