An intimate moment….

Then our eyes meet, and time stopped for a few seconds and the entire place became so still and so silent. You can hear your heart beating faster and faster. And then you lean over and kiss her, then one kiss leads to many. Then that perfect long breath taking, soul sucking kiss comes into effect. Which make you feel warm in all the right places. As she sits down you slowly start teasing her. As the teasing continues you get on top of her, as she sits there with a very intimate but quite intense look. You can feel the attraction from a mile away. She finally picks you up and walks towards the desk, sticks her hand down your pants and when things couldn’t get any more physical someone walks in, you quickly spring up and act natural, but everyone knows acting natural in the situation you both were in would be to obvious! Then with a blink of an eye both were running out the back door as if they were teenagers getting caught by their parents.

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