Welp…This is the start.

Not everyone is blessed with the talent to write beautifully. Its my first time, I’m trying to pen down my feelings. I’m kind of introvert who has many thoughts running in mind but my thoughts are unable to find their way in words. No matter how hard I try to share my dark experiences with this cruel world, I’m always at loss for words. I’m still struggling to find my inner voice, I want to scream aloud to tell my story to whole world…. But……

One thought on “Welp…This is the start.

  1. Reblogged this on The Perils of Improbable Potholes and commented:
    What a brilliant image!

    A new author at a sleepy poetry reading in a drowsy coffeehouse comes in and starts screaming the new piece. The patrons know the alarm clock is ringing, but they cannot find the off switch.

    You are a genius!
    (Make a video. This is YouTube worthy.)


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